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To meet the emerging challenges in an ever-increasingly complex world, organizations need leaders and followers who can bridge professional and personal boundaries. The world is looking for socially responsible leadership that can create and guide teams that achieve what no individual or group of individuals can accomplish alone. Everyone at all levels of organizational hierarchy require skill and knowledge in the dynamics of leadership. The Master of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Mansfield University of Pennsylvania is an online program providing advanced knowledge and enhanced leadership skills across a wide spectrum of disciplines and organizational settings, such as education, health care, human resources, business enterprises, social services, sports, arts, and so forth. The program is focused on students creating a vision of the future and learning how to respond quickly and decisively to new challenges as they unfold.

The Masters of Arts in Organizational Leadership at Mansfield University is an online leadership learning environment that promotes inclusion, respect, collaboration and a view of leadership development that embraces the values of the Mansfield University Creed: Character, Scholarship, Culture, and Service. Ours is a program that stresses the importance of human factors in all types of organizations both public and privately owned. Specifically, we advocate the interaction of human systems and social systems in three confluent domains: [1] of individuals within organizations, [2] between the individual and the organization, and [3] of how individuals, individually and collectively, affect the organization's structure and functioning. Graduates are expected to carry out informed commentary on organizational development issues and to respond effectively to a broad spectrum of leadership projects in a timely fashion.

The program is designed to develop both the aspiring and experienced professional seeking to serve in a leadership capacity with local, regional, national, and international organizations. Offering advanced knowledge and lifelong learning in leadership, the program involves 11 courses, 33 credits, taken over two years (Fall, Spring, and Summer terms). Students typically take 2 course per term, but may progress at their own pace. A 3-credit, 120 hour, practicum in an organizational setting is required. Students can expect a close working relationship with program faculty and individual attention to their goals as emerging organizational leaders.

Education is an investment in oneself and one’s future. A sound investment considers both the financial commitment and the character and caliber of the institution. Compare the financial commitment of the Organizational Leadership program at Mansfield University with other offerings to discern more than affordability; discern value.