Mansfield University of Pennsylvania

Developing Tomorrow's Leaders

Welcome to the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership

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 We believe that anyone can be an entrepreneur. Whether it is for profit business startup, or developing solutions to make the community you live in better and more sustainable, you can do it.

We will provide opportunities for you to learn about starting a new organization or enterprise. Imagine for a moment that the next job you have is the one that you make for yourself. Explore the links on the "Resources" section to find on demand online seminars that will teach you how to plan your business.

Check "Events" for workshops or speakers on business. And look to see what entrepreneurs are doing in our region.

If you are a Mansfield student, get involved. Consider joining the "Collegiate Entrepreneur Organization" (CEO) where much of the on-campus activities will be focused. Meet with other students that have aspirations to start their own business, and learn how you can start your own business too.

The time to act is now. You can do it.